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Diablo 4: How to Beat World Boss Ashava

Diablo 4 Ashava

If you’re taking part in the Diablo 4 server slam event this weekend there’s a good chance you’re going to want to know how to beat the world boss, Ashava.

Beat Ashava at level 20 during the Diablo 4 server slam event and you nab yourself a Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy in the full game, which is sure to be the envy of others who didn’t manage to complete the task. But beating Ashava isn’t easy, especially with a character level limit of just 20 – 5 levels less than the previous open beta. Balance changes and reduced drop rates make things tougher, too. So, here are some tips to help you.

  • Don’t even bother until you’re level 20: Honestly, just don’t. Unless you’re level 20 you won’t get the account reward for beating Ashava, anyway, and all you’ll likely do is pull your team down. Beating Ashava is hard, and so wait until you’re as powerful as you can be, with decent gear and optimised skills.
  • Up your poison resistance: Ashava makes use of numerous poison attacks that will absolutely ravage your health unless you have solid poison resistance. So, try to find some good equipment that boosts your poison resistance.
  • Get close, or stay far away: Ashava is lethal at mid-range thanks to some swiping attacks that are very powerful indeed. If you’re a melee character, then, try to stay close and hit Ashava with all that you’ve got. Though there are some other close-range attacks to watch out for. Meanwhile, ranged fighters, including those using spells, might want to hang back just out of Ashava’s swiping range.
  • Work as a team: You won’t be fighting against Ashava alone, so adapt your tactics to suit. If you see someone die and it’s safe to revive them, do so. It’ll get them back in the fight sooner, and keep their equipment from losing durability.
  • Use crowd control effects: Using crowd control effects such as slow, chill, stun, freeze and immobilize may not seem effective during the fight against Ashava, but over time they fill up a bar beneath the boss’ health. When full, Ashava will be staggered, giving you a window of time to deal lots of damage without fear of retaliation. It can make a lot of difference.

Ultimately, with Ashava being level 25 during the Server Slam event, the odds are stacked against players wishing to emerge victorious. Bear these tips in mind when facing off against the powerful boss, however, and you should have a much easier time.

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Written by Richard Seagrave

Having discovered the dark world of Diablo as a youngster, Richard has since lost thousands of hours slaying demons and picking up sweet loot. He wouldn't have it any other way though.

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