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How to Get Wings in Diablo 3

Diablo 3

If you’re a keen Diablo 3 player, you might have seen players running around with fancy-looking wings. The good news is, you can get some too.

There are many wings available in Diablo 3, allowing you to give your character a more unique, unnatural appearance. Some of them are impossible to get now, unfortunately, while others are awarded for buying collector’s edition of other Blizzard games. There are still many wings you can get in Diablo 3 without having to buy other games, however.

The easiest way to get some wings in Diablo 3 is to buy its Rise of the Necromancer DLC. Do so, and you’ll find the Wings of the Crypt Guardian available to equip. Complete all of the Necromancer’s class achievements, and Trag’Oul’s Wings will also be unlocked. If you don’t want to spend any money, however, there are two sets of wings you can acquire if you take the time to farm for them.

The stunning-looking Cosmic Wings can be yours if you’re lucky enough to get a portal left behind by a Rainbow Goblin. Your luck needs to go further than that though; as a rare drop from Princess Lillian inside Whimsydale, you could be grinding for tens, if not hundreds of hours before you get your hands on them.

Luckily, Falcon’s Wings are a little easier to acquire. Simply visit Gardens of Hope Tier 1 and search for a mysterious chest. If you’re lucky and the chest appears, there’s a good chance you’ll find the Falcon’s Wings inside. If not, close the game, open it back up, and visit the Gardens of Hope Tier 1 again. It’s all about patience.

Two more sets of wings are available for those who complete Diablo 3‘s Set Dungeons. Simply find out where the Set Dungeons are located and then complete them all to get the Wings of the Dedicated. Master all of the Set Dungeons to get the Wings of Mastery. You don’t need to do the Necromancer Set Dungeons for these.

And finally, wings are sometimes offered out as seasonal rewards. Keep an eye on the Diablo 3 website for new seasons starting and see if any wings are listed as rewards. If they are, do what you need to acquire them. Once they are on your account, any character can use them. Some wings are given away as promotion, too, like the recent Prime Evil Wings created to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Diablo 2.

Once you have some wings, simply head into your inventory to equip them. They’re purely cosmetic, so have no effect on the gameplay whatsoever, but they sure do look cool. That’s all that matters, right?

Written by Richard Seagrave

Having discovered the dark world of Diablo as a youngster, Richard has since lost thousands of hours slaying demons and picking up sweet loot. He wouldn't have it any other way though.

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